Waterproof Garden Labels

Waterproof garden labels are the best thing since sliced bread!  They allow me to record details of plantings right on site including variety, planting date and even instructions on care for others.   Most importantly they can handle the rain and constant watering with a hose.  They are AWESOME!

waterproof garden labels

Waterproof garden labels – rain, hose or shine!

If you are serious about you garden crops then waterproof garden labels are a must!

Why are waterproof garden labels so great?
1. Unlike many other signs we use (like popsicle sticks or rocks) there is no painting and no hassle.

2. You can use just a standard pencil to write on the.  Mind you, I confess that I like to use a 2B pencil rather than the normal 2H pencil – just cause 2B is softer and darker (and easier on my aging eyes).

3. You can ADD information to them as you go.  This is really the magic of these – you can have information right in your garden.

4. They last for almost FOREVER!  You can erase the pencil with a good soft eraser and start a fresh.


Bean label

Bean label – using a chopstick through the holes!


Label with a twist tie!

Label with a twist tie!


Small Waterproof Garden Labels
2 inch X 2.5 inch (50 mm X 62 mm) – ONE HOLE  –  Just $0.99 a pack of 25

Small labels have just ONE hole (its easy to add another)

Small labels have just ONE hole (its easy to add another)

Medium Waterproof Garden Labels
2.5 inch X 4.5 inch (62 mm X 112 mm) – TWO HOLES  –  Just $1.99 pack of 25

Medium labels have two holes

Medium labels have two holes


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