Telecommute – a great way to work and live!

I have been telecommuting for many years now.   At one stage I worked from another country rather than just from another state.  It can work for both the company and the employer…and many people ask me “How did you ever get that opportunity?”.  My simple answer is “I asked!”

telecommuting Obviously there is lot more to it than that – and so a few years ago I wrote a guide for those people thinking of ‘asking’ their boss if they too can telecommute.

Telecommuting – A simple guide on how to start telecommuting is a PDF file that is 5.5Mb in size :).  You can now buy it in our farm store (its cheap at just $1.99).

Telecommuting guide

Telecommuting guide

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I hope it helps some people to experience to joy of having their farm as their work office!


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I'm an Australian transplanted to rural Maine where I live on a small property with my wife and two youngest children. Life about family, work and trying the make the planet a better place for everyone.
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