Are you just starting off homesteading?

Are you in the working-for-the-boss routine? Do you sit in the bumper-to-bumper traffic each morning and evening wasting time and energy to get to a job you wish you could escape?  Do you find yourself daydreaming of your own little farm with some chickens, vegetable garden and a more relaxed lifestyle?

Maybe starting off homesteading is for you!

Other than just jumping out of the work-rut of life, there are many reasons that folks want to start homesteading.   For some it’s the desire to provide food and shelter for themselves and try to live with as little connections to the outside world.   For others it is the desire to live a lifestyle that they feel is hindered by modern society.  There are a group who want to homestead cause they feel that the world is in dire straits and that by being isolated they will have a better chance to survive.  And for others it is so they can practice religious freedoms. There is also some who just feel that providing their own food is better for the environment.   There are probably as many more reasons as there are different people, but what ever the reason, living the homestead life can be very rewarding…but not without a lot of hard work and maybe some good fortune.

Starting off homesteading can be a daunting task – full of excitement, but just where do you begin?  I have a special website to help you on your journey:

It contains great advice, tools and more to help you get started.  Go and take a look 🙂

starting off homesteading

And some other great websites for starting off homesteading:

USDA Start2Farm Program 

State Cooperative Extension system





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