Marketing your farm stuff..a beginners guide (Part I)

Our little marketer!

Our little marketer!

I was once told that the least successful marketing ideas come from the people with college degrees in marketing because all those folks are all doing the same things. What appears to really work in marketing is learning how to be “different” in your approach. That said, I hope that I can shed a little light on marketing principles for those just starting out marketing their farm stuff.

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Marketing takes effort
It does not have to cost you wads of cash – but effort will always be involved.  “Build it and they will come”  just does not work when you are marketing your stuff.  You will need to do research, visit people, make signs etc to meet your sales dreams. Be prepared to spend a lot of time to start with, and when you build up clients you may be able to ease back and put more time into meeting their needs.  My biggest piece of advice is to talk to as many people as your can – ask friends, neighbors, store keepers and people in stores buying the same sort of things…keep asking, keep learning!

Understand your stuff (but be prepared to adjust)
This might seem like a stupid point – after all you spent months growing those ingredients to your special sauce and spent hours hovering over a pot storing your creation, then more time canning.  But what is it that makes you stuff unique to the person making the same type of stuff in the farm next door?  How can you adjust your plan to make your stuff unique?

How about bent carrots as a unique item?

How about bent carrots as a unique item?

Knowing what is unique about your product will help you market.  If nothing is unique – then maybe you need to change what you produce slightly to make sure you have that unique edge.




Understand your market
It is important to understand what sort of people will want to buy your stuff, as a good marketing principle is to place your marketing effort towards those who WILL buy.

When dollars are limited, using a method, such as a directly mailing to all the people in your town or a large advert in the local newspaper is sort of like using a shotgun to shoot a flea.  You blast a lot of area to catch a small target.  Better that you know what that small target is and put all your effort into that.

Knowing where your market spends their money is very important.  Selling firewood for campers on your front lawn might seem to be a logical option, but selling a lot more for slightly less to the local general store where the campers go and buy supplies would be a more clever way to reach the same goal.

Understanding your market may require you doing some of your own research.  So and see where you can find similar products for sale and how they are presented.  Chat to the people buying at those places… ask them what would make it better for them to buy that product.  Is is the cost?  Do they have to travel a long way to find what they need?  Would more delivery be better for them?  Mail order?  Look for openings that will make it easier for them and give YOU the edge over other sellers.

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