Good neighbors – make your life easier!

Good neighbors can make your life easier!  But the secret to having good neighbors starts with being a good neighbor yourself.  Here are our DOs and DON’Ts for being a good neighbor :-

good neighbors

Our good neighbor Jack and me .

Good neighbors – make your life easier

The DOs for being a good neighbor
Here are some things that we feel all good neighbors DO!

Be friendly – nothing beats a smile, a wave and chat when you happen to meet at a fence line, farm store or just out & about!  And a dozen eggs, a basket of produce etc goes a long way once a year.

Respect peoples space and privacy – keep yourself, your animals and your visitors off your neighbors property. (A friend on reminded me that DOGS can cause a great amount of angst between neighbors….keeping your dogs under control and off their land is a must….thanks Alder!)

Accept peoples advice – accept does not mean agree, but listen and thank them for their advice.

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Accept peoples help – if they offer to help, then kindly accept.  They may want to use the time to chat to you as well (ie. be friendly).

Be humble – know your strengths and keep them to yourself.  Know your weaknesses and ask for advice.

Keep them in the loop – tell them what you are doing if you think it could have some impact on them.  i.e. go my daughters wedding going on this weekend….might be noisy, strange cars etc or I’m pulling down a fence so I can build a new one.

Having cute kids can help :)    Having obnoxious kids can hinder.

Having cute kids can help 🙂 Having obnoxious kids can hinder.

The DON’Ts for being a good neighbor
These are the things that we feel a good neighbor NEVER should do!

Borrow and/or never return equipment – or return it broken.  If you borrow equipment, return it in a better state than you borrowed it.  Clean it, refuel it, sharpen it!

Visit all the time – people are busy.  A visit every now and then is friendly and pleasant.  A visit every day or even week can be over the top (remember – respect peoples privacy)

The three G’s – nothing is quicker to kill off a good neighbor than discussing any (or all) of the three G’s (Guns, God, Government).  You might have a strong opinion…but for neighborly peace, keep it to yourself.


And for those who have good neighbors and have never experiences a bad neighbor situation – here are some stories for you to read :p

I am sure others can add to the list of things that make good neighbors, but we think this is a good start 🙂  If you have others – add them as comments.

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