Good blog posts – what works and what does not!

What makes for a good blog posts about farming or homesteading?  Here are three top types of blog posts that you might consider writing to help others who are involved in homesteading.

Good blog posts

1. “How to do xx”. Nothing gets more hits that a blog past that shows how to do something useful around the farm. How do you prune trees or raise chickens or build a coop or can potatoes etc.  These all make good blog posts.  Have you worked out a clever way to do something? Then share it in a blog!

good blog posts

A “how to blog”

2. Critical information about farming/homestead issue. People like to read about information at affects their homesteading activities – like land taxes, water rights, boundary surveys, soil testing etc  Often the best blogs on these topics are written by people who have had to deal with an issue, and then share what they have learned on a blog.

3. Photo-essays. Do you have a load of photos to help explain a farming process process? I you are say building a new shed, post up a pile of photos of how you went about the process. People LOVE to see how things are done.   The problem I have in writing these blog posts is remembering to take a load of photos as I do some task.


If you are new to blogging, then there are some great blogs about how to write a general post like these:

How to write a blog post

A simple formula for writing a blog post

What does not work well as blog posts?

In my opinion, here are the three things that blogs should not be:

1. Personal travel/life logs.   We know you had a great holiday, but if you are just telling folks about your trip and not providing any information that will help them as they go about being homesteaders, then the interest will be low.  Likewise, blog about how you had to chop the wood, or pull the weeds really do not add information to the homesteading world, and you will lose readers.

2. Redirects.   Blog posts that are just redirects of some other blog are annoying.   We understand that you might want to drive people to you blog page (hey – most bloggers would love you to stay and read more of their posts etc), but just being a blog full of redirects where you offer no additional information will soon drive people to ignore your blog completely.  Sorry – these are not good blog posts!

3. Over placement of advertising.  Again I get that people want to try and make a few dollars from their blog to support their farm, but pages complete full of advertising so its hard to even see the text of the blog become just too tiresome for the reader…and they will soon ignore you blog (and then you will get LESS clicks on those adverts!)

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